christy feaver

Christy Feaver is an acclaimed metalsmith, a unique designer who has made Tofino her spiritual home for the last 20 years. It is here in beautiful British Columbia that Christy has molded the base for her internationally known jewelry designs to flourish.

After many years living amongst the majestic mountains of Whistler, Christy started her journey into the world of jewellery design at The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. Here she developed her craft with master goldsmiths and in particular the renowned jewelry designer and sculptor Robert Lee Morris. It was Morris who taught Christy to follow her heart and discover a signature style that both defines and represents herself, a style that can still be seen in her pieces today.

Inspired by all things that move and change, Christy’s mantra flows throughout her artwork. Looking through her collections one can see insights into her key influencers. The love and light she emits through her being mixed with the physical shapes of the landscapes that surround her. It is with her link to the ocean in particular where you will see the core structures within Christy’s work reveal themselves. Look closely, it is within the detail that show how the connection of all things are bonded, how each piece starts to tell its own story.

Just recently collaborating with Astrea Sri Ana from her Mystery School in Santorini, it is through travel that Christy finds the energies for creativity in which new pieces are born. Coming soon a Holographic Collection of Blueprints from the New World Matrix created in a divine New Collection of Jewellery - Elohim. It is through such connections, through the sourcing of ancient stones in Tucson, to journeys back to her sacred second home of Bali to the magical natural wonders of Hawaii where time and space is given for recharging, not only for herself, but for her crystals too. This is one part of many that makes the very core elements of Christy's work so special.

If travel brings the energy for creativity, it is home that gives Christy the stability for grounding, to create space for her ideas to take shape. It is home that binds her. Her environment that inspires her and travel that sets her mind racing. Her work is multi-dimensional, it runs deeper than the oceans she lives by. Christy has committed most of her adult life to expansion and growth through her practices of shamanism, yoga, meditation and most recently Ontogonic Body Mind Therapy. It is through the help of these learnings that she is able to connect with a new pure state of consciousness. To create space for a new birth, most recently her new Sacred Journey Collection.

"Everyone on this planet has been given a purpose, unique and important all in their own way”. Christy has allowed the energies of the planet to continue to guide her as she explores her craft. Her goal is to share and inspire by ways of her work, her travels, her being, but most of all by the purity of love, a manifestation of herself and how she sees the world, one in which she would like to share with you, through her and her work.